What is Cymatics?

Sound Made Visible

The world of sound is one of the most interesting but rarely explored dimensions. In this article, you will be brought to a new learning about sound and the elements that make it as it is. One of these elements is “Cymatics”. If this is your first time to encounter this term, you got a lot of catching up to do. Read on and start discovering how this element defines what we all know as sound.

On a more technical note, cymatics refers to the wave subset of vibrations that forms a phenomenon. The effect of sound waves on an individual’s conscious mind roots to cymatics. The formation of vibrations can influence the neurological state of a person. This is the reason why certain kinds of sound can cause relaxation or anxiety to a listener. In other words, cymatics can be simply explained as the property of sound that can influence a listener’s mental state or a medium’s state.

Cymatics: Effects Humans and Animals

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The Law of Vibration

Everything Vibrates 

The universe if filled with mysteries no one has ever wandered into. Over the years there have been hundreds of thousands of laws that explain how and why things do as they are. If there is a law of science that has created a huge impact for the world, this is perhaps Sir. Isaac Newton’s “Law of Inertia”. This law states that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” The majority of people believe this law. Obviously, something that is not moving will remain unmoved if there is nothing that will move it. But what if someone tells you that nothing in this world or even in the entire universe is at rest? That is tantamount to saying that the Law of Inertia, which you used to believe all these years, is not true. Well, if you will think about the logic behind “The Law of Vibration”, you’ll really have a second thought about Newton’s principle.

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What is Frequency? (The Introduction)

Have you ever thought about what makes sound – a sound? Everyone loves listening to a wonderful arrangement of sounds which is commonly referred to as music. While this is true, however, not many people wander into the idea discovering the mysteries behind sound. If you are among those folks who have long been searching for discussions that would enlighten you with this topic, you have found the right article. Read further.

In this page, you will learn about one of the fundamental components of sound – frequency.
Frequency, when you talk about sound, is the number of sound waves/wavelengths passing through a fixed place in a particular period of time. With this being said, if sound wave requires half-a-second for it to pass a given space, there is a frequency of 2 for every second. In the same way, if it would take 1/50 in 30 minutes, the frequency of the sound is 50 per 30 minutes or 50/0.5 hr.

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The Invisible Universe

Frequency. Vibration.

Both are seemingly invisible, unnoticeable, and insignificant to us.

But what we have discovered, relatively recently, is that ancient civilizations understood the significance of vibration and frequency. In fact, there are very conceivable theories of powerful technologies that the ancients knew of and used.

Vibration and frequency may hold the secrets of the creation of the massive monuments that were built all around the world.

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