The Different Ways Music Affects You Physically

It’s no secret that music can greatly alter your mood. You can instantly go from feeling down and cranky to being happy when you listen to nice upbeat songs. You may be wondering why this happens, and so did we. Here is how music affects us physically according to science.

Music can repair brain damage

Believe it or not, music can help someone who struggles with brain damage to heal themselves. Those who have damage on the left side of their brain and can no longer speak as a result are usually still able to sing even without training themselves to do so.

This is because language functions are managed by the left side of our brain, while the right side of the brain is responsible for singing. Melodic intonation therapy takes advantage of this fact. Over the course of this therapy, you simply sing until you can talk again. You are essentially training your brain to move the language function to the right side through music.

On top of that, a good way to help your brain function better, especially if you have undergone some damage before, is to listen to soothing music like classical songs and jazz to release more dopamine.  Continue reading “The Different Ways Music Affects You Physically”

How Music Affects Your Brain and Emotions

You have probably experienced it before. You get up on the wrong side of the bed and you realize that the day feels gloomy, dull, and grey. Your back feels heavy and you just can’t do it today. Then you put on your headphones on your way to work, and suddenly, vibrant colors fill the skies and the trees are green and the birds are chirping. You can’t help but hum along and nod your head to the tune of the song that’s booming from your music player. There is a spring to your step. You say “hi” to the old lady walking her dog. The world is fine again. Thanks, Bruno Mars.

Music can tap into the inner workings of the brain and either uplift your mood and make you feel better. Because of this phenomenon, music is often referred to as the “language of  emotion.” Our brain processes a song in the same areas that deal with emotions, which explains how music affects your brain and emotions.

Music can alter your emotions

When people are feeling sad and just not in the mood to face the day, they can turn to music, specifically an upbeat song, to lift their mood and possibly get rid of the sad feeling entirely. This is because upbeat and catchy tunes help with the release of serotonin and norepinephrine, hormones that make you feel happy and elated. It also floods your body with the neurotransmitter dopamine, which makes you feel really good.

In the same vein, sad songs can directly or indirectly make you feel sad. A slow, melodramatic tune can induce feelings of depression, and some song lyrics can make you nostalgic for the past, making you sad as a result.

It can motivate you

“We play epic upbeat music at our shop to keep our Oahu Mobile Mechanic workers motivated to always do a good job on a service” -Marco

Music can also give you inspiration and motivation by uplifting your mood. Continue reading “How Music Affects Your Brain and Emotions”

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want

You have probably heard of the phrase “the law of attraction” a hundred times before, but haven’t really looked into it. The Law of Attraction means exactly what it says: whatever we focus all our attention on, we attract into our lives.

Basically, if you think of cynical thoughts and think only of negative outcomes, then you will “attract” these vibrations into your life and these things are exactly what will happen. On the other hand, if you focus on positivity, you will be able to achieve your goals because you are focused on them and you create a happy and uplifting atmosphere.

Many people can attest to the power of the Law of Attraction. It is indeed a big mystery, but it has been proven time and time again that what you put out there is also what you receive in return. When you realize that the Law of Attraction works in various other ways that we are already familiar with, it’s easier to believe and it’s a power that’s easier to wield.

This is how to use the Law of Attraction to shape your future.  Continue reading “How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want”