The Law of Vibration

Everything Vibrates 

The universe if filled with mysteries no one has ever wandered into. Over the years there have been hundreds of thousands of laws that explain how and why things do as they are. If there is a law of science that has created a huge impact for the world, this is perhaps Sir. Isaac Newton’s “Law of Inertia”. This law states that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” The majority of people believe this law. Obviously, something that is not moving will remain unmoved if there is nothing that will move it. But what if someone tells you that nothing in this world or even in the entire universe is at rest? That is tantamount to saying that the Law of Inertia, which you used to believe all these years, is not true. Well, if you will think about the logic behind “The Law of Vibration”, you’ll really have a second thought about Newton’s principle.

The Law of Vibration referenced from Bob Proctor, basically states that everything is in constant motion, which he generally referred to as vibration. There is no such thing as being at rest or motionless. According to the proposition of Proctor, everything even objects that everybody believes or considered as non-living things are actually moving. For example, a dining table, which appears to be motionless, is actually moving in ways not visible to the naked eyes. In his explanations, Proctor said that if they will use a microscope to view a certain portion of the table, they will see that millions of particles (commonly known as atoms) are in constant motion or vibration. This seems to be disproving the part where Newton’s law states that something is or can be at rest.

Going further, the proponent explained that because of this phenomena, nothing that happens around us can is an accident. Every occurrence is a result of how forces interacted (vibrated) with all other forces, therefore resulting to a particular event. Prof. Proctor gave an example that nobody should find it strange when someone who feels like he wanted it so badly to call his friend and then suddenly receives a call from that person instead. People would simplify that as a “coincidence”, which The Law of Vibration does not support. Vibration is the reason behind this circumstance. According to Prof. Proctor, what most people do not know is that their energy is huge factor that can explain this. As that person who produces vibration (called feeling) that he really wants or needs to communicate with someone releases that vibration which can reach the other person. This level of vibration causes the other person to be in tune with the level of vibration he/she received, and they’re responding to it, which in this examples is to pick up the phone and make a call.

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