What is Cymatics?

Sound Made Visible

The world of sound is one of the most interesting but rarely explored dimensions. In this article, you will be brought to a new learning about sound and the elements that make it as it is. One of these elements is “Cymatics”. If this is your first time to encounter this term, you got a lot of catching up to do. Read on and start discovering how this element defines what we all know as sound.

On a more technical note, cymatics refers to the wave subset of vibrations that forms a phenomenon. The effect of sound waves on an individual’s conscious mind roots to cymatics. The formation of vibrations can influence the neurological state of a person. This is the reason why certain kinds of sound can cause relaxation or anxiety to a listener. In other words, cymatics can be simply explained as the property of sound that can influence a listener’s mental state or a medium’s state.

Cymatics: Effects Humans and Animals

The appreciation of sound is quite impossible without this property. The reason why you love listening to a particular piece of music is that it has something in it that really captivates your mental faculties, and then the rest of your total being (you emotions, your physical response, etc.) follows. That is the presence of cymatics in that music that blended with your neurological functions. Cymatics is found in sound waves, which in turn are transformed into electromagnetic waves, by which the brain perceives and interprets as ear-pleasing sound or not.

While there can be a constant structure of a particular sound, it does not necessarily mean that it will always have similar cymatics. The effect of a specific sound depends on the neurological structure of a listener. Two individuals may have a different level of liking towards a particular sound or musical piece. This is due to the fact that the overall interpretation of cymatics is anchored at the neurological structure of an individual. Since two humans can have varied neurological structures, they may have different preferences towards sound as well. The same is true with animals, especially those that have a sensitivity to sound.

The discovery of this property of sound led to the creation of different sound structures that could meet the needs and preferences of humans and animals. For example, there are songs or symphonies that are specifically composed to allow mental and emotional relaxation. This explains why a person who seemed to be greatly troubled just a minute ago suddenly gets optimistic after a moment of listening to a song. By the way, do not mislead cymatics as the message of a song. A listener could be relaxed or stressed by sound, even if there are no words along with it, although, there is still cymatics on sounds with lyrics.

Sound can influence you or your pet in many ways you never thought possible. This is what cymatics is all about. Thanks to this property of sound, you have something that will help you break away from stress and exhaustion or something to make you even wilder.

Listen, or rather, watch the sounds. And think about what sounds are doing to you emotionally and…physically…

To be continued… It’ll all come together.