What is the Law of Attraction?

If you visualize what you want, you can manifest anything. Want to be a wealthy VIP with a chauffeur driving you around in a private limo? Are you seeking that dream partner to marry? Visualize it and live like you already have it and it will manifest. Yes, there is a universal law that governs this.

The law is unbiased to whether your thoughts and visualization are negative or positive. If you keep on thinking about not losing money, you’ll more than likely lose it eventually. Dreading over bills? You’ll manifest more bills. Worried about getting a leaking roof during the storm?… You get the picture…

It’s called the Law of Attraction by Professor Bob Proctor. Yes. You heard that right. The term is probably not new to you but the underpinning principles in this law are something that you are yet to discover. So without further ado, here is what the Law of Attraction is.

The Law of Attraction is a principle formulated by modern-day philosopher and lecturer Professor Bob Proctor. This law implies that something can cause another thing to get attracted. In the case of humans, for example, a boy can be attracted to a girl because there is something that seems to magnetize him, therefore resulting in his response. This variable is what Prof. Proctor constantly reiterates as ‘vibration’. He has always emphasized that the reason why there is attraction is because there is vibration. How can vibration cause attraction? Continue reading. 

You may not know it but you are releasing millions of vibrations every single second. This vibration is what you commonly refer to as energy. In case you do not know, your energy has the power to influence other energies existent in the universe, thus creating a particular phenomenon. The key to explaining the Law of Attraction is having an understanding that your energy has a lot of potentials. One of which is to cause others to be attracted.

Have you ever wondered why someone falls in love with you with or without you having to do anything about that? The explanation behind this is the level of vibration you are releasing. In the case of attracting someone even if you aren’t making an effort for it, it can be that you aren’t aware that you are actually releasing a kind of vibration that meets the tune of another person’s energy. When this happens, both of you have established harmonized tune of vibrations, even if you do not know about it. This, in turn, results in a feeling of getting to like or love someone. That’s not just a human-to-human phenomenon. It can be an attraction between human-to-animals, to colors, to objects, to music, to anything. This is true because of all these releases some sort of energy that once gets in tune with one another, the attraction will be the result.

Now, you no longer have to wonder why you also yawn when you see someone yawning. That person released a vibration which manifested yawning. That can be so strong that it was able to influence your own vibration or consciousness. The same thing happens and almost everything that characterizes attraction.

This is something you do not know before reading this article, right? This principle can be more powerful than you think it can be. Explore more on this subject and be enlightened.