Who is Masaru Emoto?

Water – Human mind. These are two entirely different and obviously unrelated elements. Or they are not? There is a truth when you say that water as absolutely different from human mind. However, you can no longer say that these two cannot have any relations with each other. If you know about Masaru Emoto and his scientific ideas, you will have the thought that human mind and water are two interrelated elements. In this page, you will get to know more about who Masaru Emoto is and his works with regards to the previously mentioned phenomenon.

Masaru Emoto was a Japan-born entrepreneur, researcher, and author who argued that the human consciousness can actually affect water’s (H2O) molecular structure. Based on his belief, there is the chance that water has the capability to react with the positive thoughts and word released by human minds. Consequently, positive visualization and prayer can clean polluted water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is the author of the research titled “The Hidden Messages in Water”. He graduated from the one of Japan’s premiere graduate schools, the Open International University with a doctorate degree in Alternative Medicine. For so many years, even before he had engaged himself in a lot of scientific and photographic experiments, Dr. Emoto believed that ice crystals (frozen water at the temperature of -5⁰C or 23⁰F) will have different formation depending on the way an individual will deal towards the crystals. A substantial amount of Dr. Emoto’s photographic evidence about this findings supports his arguments. In these photos, there were distinctions between crystals formations. Ice crystals that were treated positively (meaning in loving or kind manner) have a different appearance as compared to those crystals that were treated with a sense of cruelty.

Dr. Emoto further elaborated that the composition of the human body plays a major role in determining our ways of treating the water present within our body. Since almost 70% of the human body is water, his arguments about the interrelations between the human mind and water make a lot of sense.

If this belief will be considered, humans are more powerful than how they think they are. Everybody knows that only one-third of the Earth is solid. This means that the entire ecosystem is composed of the massive amount of water. Since human consciousness can have the power to dictate the way water responds; it is not impossible that the way of living, as well as the structure of the entire planet, can be changed as well. In his research, Dr. Emoto reiterated that the human mind has the power to manipulate how his own life, as well as others lives, can be if only people know his capacity to manipulate how water reacts. He can make or break himself, other people, animals, and everything under the sun. However, this already requires an unexplainable power of the human consciousness to manipulate water.

It is up to you to evaluate whether or not his arguments are logical. But the research and evidence that Dr. Emoto presented prove that we have the power beyond what we think we have.

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